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– is a special mechanism designed to stimulate the generation of electricity from renewable sources.

In Ukraine, the green tariff is regulated by the Law of Ukraine No. 514-VIIІ as of June 04, 2015.

This law requires “Energorynok” (state enterprise regulating the operation of the wholesale electricity market in Ukraine) to purchase electricity generated from alternative energy sources from natural and legal persons at a rate fixed to the Eurocurrency rate.

The tariff level depends on the date when the electricity generating installation is placed into service. To this effect, the following rates were established for solar power stations used in private households:

0,18 €

from 01.01.2017
till 31.12.2019

0,16 €

from 01.01.2020
till 31.12.2024

0,14 €

from 01.01.2025
till 31.12.2029

This fact encourages not to wait, but install the solar power station.


the Green Tariff for private power stations:

Contact KVK Electric

Specialists of our company will provide You with a qualified consultation and define the technical specifications.

2 —
Select the proper equipment

Design calculations and purchase of the necessary equipment. Our specialists will help you in this respect.

3 — 
Install the equipment

Onsite equipment delivery, starting-up and adjustment works and commissioning of the power station.

4 —
Open a bank account

Open a current account in any bank to receive funds from the sale of electricity under the Green Tariff.

5 —
Provide documents

Submit an application and a package of documents to the Oblenergo (Regional Power Distribution Company).

6 —
Install an electricity meter

Install a bidirectional electricity meter.

7 —
Conclude a power purchase agreement

Obtain the Oblenergo’s consent to purchase electrical energy.

8 —
Sell the electricity under the Green Tariff

Monthly transfer of funds to your personal bank account.

To sign up to the Green Tariff, one should, firstly, have a direct electricity use agreement concluded.

The maximum capacity of the solar power station of a private household connected to the Green Tariff is limited by the current legislation to 30 kW, but not more than specified in the electricity use agreement.

3. The capacity of the solar power station generating electricity to be sold under the Green Tariff is determined by the output power of the solar inverter at the alternating current;

If You want to install a solar power station with higher capacity, than specified in the electricity use agreement, first You need to contact the power supply company to increase the allocated capacity.


to the main questions regarding the solar power stations
the Green Tariff

  Requirements to the photovoltaic solar panels installation site:

  • the area of the roof and / or the facade should be sufficient to accommodate the photovoltaic modules of  the selected power (approximately 6.5 m² per 1 kW);
  • the solar panel field should face south or, as an exception, east-west or southeast, southwest;
  • the photovoltaic modules should be placed at an angle (approximately 35-45°);
  • the roof characteristics should be sufficient to withstand additional weight loads.
  • there should be no buildings, structures, trees or other objects that would shadow the solar panels;
  • the photovoltaic modules can be placed on the surrounding territory of a private household.

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