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Green Tariff for legal entities

A Green Tariff is a special mechanism designed to stimulate the generation of electricity from renewable sources.

In Ukraine, the Green Tariff is regulated by the Law of Ukraine No. 514-VIIІ as of June 04, 2015. This law requires “Energorynok” (state enterprise regulating the operation of the wholesale electricity market in Ukraine) to purchase electricity generated from alternative energy sources from natural and legal persons at a rate fixed to the Eurocurrency rate. The Green Tariff is valid until 2030 and depends on the date when the electricity generating installation is placed into service.

Thus, the following rates were established for commercial solar power stations placed into service during the period from 2017 till 2019:

Free field solar power stations

0,15 EUR per 1 kWh

Roof solar power stations

0,164 EUR per 1 kWh

Currently, the Green Tariff in Ukraine is one of the largest in the world. Therefore, it is profitable for commercial enterprises to invest in the construction of solar power stations to make profits as from any other type of business.

Diagrammatic representation of the procedure of getting

the Green Tariff for commercial power stations:

1. Development of a feasibility study for the project

2. Registration of a legal entity

3. Registration of the right to use the land (rent agreement)

4. Development of a feasibility study of the possibility of connecting to existing electric networks

5. Obtaining technical conditions for connection to networks

6. Pre-design works

7. Development of project documents

8. Acquisition of equipment

9. Installation and adjustment of equipment

10. Connection to networks

11. Registration of a license for an electricity producer

12. Registration of membership in the WEM

13. Approval of the Green Tariff

14. Electricity sale agreement

15. Sale of electricity under the “Green Tariff”

As You can see, it is very difficult technical and organizational process to obtain the Green Tariff for legal entities.

However, KVK Electric has a great experience in the construction of powerful solar power stations and the implementation of EPC-contracts.

Specialists of KVK Electric are ready to assume all aspects of the establishment of Your new energy business:

Development of the project taking into account all requirements of the supervisory bodies.

Selection and delivery of a full set of equipment.

Installation of equipment on the customer site.

Start up and adjustment of the power station.

Support for the process of registration and connection.

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